What We Do Not Believe

Oftentimes people can know more about a church by observing what it denies, rather than by seeing what it affirms.  Simply put, we affirm and believe in the “fundamentals of the faith,” but we strive to preach/teach the whole counsel of God.  These are the things that set us apart from most denominational churches, and many Bible affirming churches.

We do not believe in:

  • A hierarchal church government, or a convention-led church
  • Women as church leaders/pastors
  • Plurality of elders or deacons leading a church
  • Plurality of Bible translations causing confusion in the church
  • A one-world ecumenical church (aka “all are ultimately seeking and serving the same God”)
  • The Prosperity Gospel
  • The Social Gospel
  • Earning, meriting, keeping, or losing the gift of Salvation
  • Unsaved church membership
  • Israel being replaced by the church

Some of the above-mentioned items are autonomous, church polity issues.  This is not to say that we can’t have a friendship with those who believe these things; we just choose to remain securely independent.   “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”  – Amos 3:3

This portion of the PGIBC website is not constructed to cause strife, but to eliminate it in our church.  We hope that this clarifies who we are a little more.

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