As we are able, we will (by faith) support missionaries.  If you are a missionary, then you understand the length of time and amount of energy it takes for a small community to have a church stable enough to support a pastor and take on missionaries.

This fall we are planning on taking on a single (already selected) foreign missionary by installing a faith-promise missions giving program, and we will plan on taking up a Christmas offering to send to a stateside church planter.

If you are a missionary, please understand that PGIBC is a church plant, and will support missionaries that we are already familiar with before we get acquainted with any new ones for the purpose of being financial supporters.  Please feel free to send your information to us via snail mail, and we will happily review it.  Please include a prayer card and basic doctrinal statement.  If you are in the area we would love to fellowship, so please stop by even if it is not near a church service time!



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