Our general monthly layout of midweek services is as follows:

On the first Thursday of the month we have a guest speaker.  We either have an area pastor preach, or have a video sermon from a like-minded speaker.

The second and fourth Thursdays, we are currently in our a New Testament series in one of the epistles or a short series topic.  Currently we are in a short series on “The Seven Churches of Revelation.”

Every third Thursday we have our “TTCC” or Third Thursday Character Club.  This is the time when Pastor lets his hair down and has a blast with the kids, teaching them practical Bible character from Proverbs and other passages. For kids from ages 5 to 12.

Every last Tuesday of the month in the evening (usually at 6:30) we have a Ladies Meeting.  Mrs. Baier is always looking forward to a great time of sharing food, God’s word, and fellowship.

Stay tuned for Pastor Baier to introduce a men’s prayer time.  We are tentatively looking at doing this on Saturday mornings at 6:00.

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